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Welcome to Korea, international students!

We are excited to have you here and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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Special Deals

Save your bill on your first month mobile bill !
We also provide various special deals.

Choose the mobile plan and options below

you are interested.

Visit Korea today and enjoy our mobile
SIM card promotion!

Plans for Sim card

All Unlimited Data, Local Call and Text
lick to choose a plan that you like!


300MB + unlimited 3 mbps

10GB + 2GB(daily) + unlimited 3mbps

Starts from 33,000 KRW

Coupon code for 1,000 KRW off

Airport pick up and delivery possible

Official Authentication not provided

Choose to Pay at Once for 1~6 Month

* no extension for the SIM

Starts from


10.3 GB + unlimited 3mbps

FIRST Month Free 0 KRW

Official authentication with

Store Pick up and Delivery possible

Provide a faster way to connect RC

Extension for Monthly basis

First Month Promotion


Click the Plans for more detail
and Enjoy the Special Deal !

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