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  • Where can I find Channel talk?
    Please press the icon below your screen. The icon shows like this: Or, you can use this link:
  • How much is the rent and when do I have to pay?
    When you select the room you want at the checkout page, the exact rent of the room will be shown. You will receive an email notifying you of the total rent for your stay, the payment deadline, and the payment link. Simply click the link and pay the rent before the deadline. The email will be sent to you after you complete the reservation. Please kindly wait for the email for a few days :) *If you don’t receive the email after a week from your submission, please check your spam folder before contacting us.
  • How much do I have to pay for the reservation?
    To make a reservation, you only need to pay the deposit. The deposit will be returned to you after you check out of the room. The service fee and utility fee which you used during your stay will be deducted from your deposit. The deposit is expected to be sent to your Korean bank account in 7 business days after check-out. *If you do not have a Korean bank account, please contact us for help or use PayPal instead. However, 10% of the amount will be used for PayPal fees. **The deposit will NOT be returned if you cancel the reservation.
  • How can I make a reservation?
    To make a reservation, you just need to click the “Book Now” button, fill out the booking information on the reservation page, and just pay the deposit to complete the reservation. The exact amount of the rent for your stay will be sent to your email in a few days. You can pay the rent after you receive the email.
  • Refund Policy
    (Effective Date: July 12, 2023) [Terms & Refunds] RESERVATION CONFIRMED Cancel within this time period and get a full refund, including all fees. 30 DAYS BEFORE TRIP BY 12PM Cancel within this time period and your first month’s payment is non-refundable. You’ll get a full refund of all fees. DURING living Cancel during your living period and you may be eligible for a partial refund. View refund breakdown* BEFORE 12PM LOCAL TIME Cancel within this time period and the next 30 nights of the reservation are non-refundable. If fewer than 30 nights remain in the reservation, all nights are non-refundable. AFTER 12PM LOCAL TIME Cancel within this time period and that night, as well as the next 30 nights of the reservation, are non-refundable. If fewer than 30 nights remain in the reservation, all nights are non-refundable. If you cancels after that, you’ll be paid 100% for all nights spent, plus 30 additional nights. If fewer than 30 days remain on the reservation when you cancels, you’ll be paid 100% for all of those remaining nights. If you want to know what your refund will be, contact us to cancel your reservation and we’ll show you a detailed breakdown. Depending on the length of your stay, when you cancel, and the cancellation policy that applies to your reservation, you may get a partial refund if you cancel after check-in. Remember that the amount refunded will never be more than the amount you have actually paid at the time you cancel. You may be eligible for a refund due to extenuating circumstances. If anything unexpected comes up during your stay, we recommend messaging us to discuss a solution first. It’s likely that we’ll help you fix it right away. 1. Gather evidence: If possible, take photos or videos to document issues like a missing or broken amenity. 2. Submit a request to us: you’ll describe the issue, provide photos if you can, and let us know how you’d like to resolve it. It’s important to get help within 24 hours of noticing the issue. Otherwise, your refund amount might be affected. 3. Wait for the response The Extenuating Circumstances Policy explains how cancellations are handled when unforeseen events beyond your control arise after booking and make it impracticable or illegal to complete your reservation. This Policy uses the term “Event” to refer to the following situations that occur after booking, are unforeseen at the time of booking, and prevent or legally prohibit completion of the reservation. Changes to government travel requirements. Unexpected changes to visa or passport requirements imposed by a governmental agency that prevent travel to the destination. This doesn’t include lost or expired travel documents or other personal circumstances relating to a guest’s authorization to travel. Declared emergencies and epidemics. Government declared local or national emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, and public health emergencies. This does not include diseases that are endemic or commonly associated with an area—for example, malaria in Thailand or dengue fever in Hawaii. Government travel restrictions. Travel restrictions imposed by a governmental agency that prevent or prohibit traveling to, staying at, or returning from the Listing location. This does not include non-binding travel advisories and similar government guidance. Military actions and other hostilities. Acts of war, hostilities, invasions, civil war, terrorism, explosions, bombings, rebellions, riots, insurrection, civil disorder, and civil unrest. Natural disasters. Natural disasters, acts of God, large-scale outages of essential utilities, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe and abnormal weather events. This does not include weather or natural conditions that are common enough to be foreseeable in that location—for example, hurricanes occurring during hurricane season in Florida. What is not covered: Everything else. This Policy only allows for cancellations for the Events described above. Everything else is excluded. Examples of situations that this Policy does not allow cancellations for include: unexpected disease, illness, or injury; government obligations like jury duty, court appearances or military duties; travel advisories or other government guidance (that fall short of a travel ban or prohibition); cancellation or rescheduling of an event for which the reservation was made; and transportation disruptions unrelated to a covered Event like road closures, as well as flight, train, bus and ferry cancellations. If you cancel a reservation in these cases, the amount refunded will be determind by the cancellation policy that applies to the reservation.
  • Can I stay longer than 3-4 weeks shown on the page?
    Yes! You can definitely extend your stay! Just click the (chatbot icon) button in the bottom right to contact us, and let us know how long you want to stay :)
  • I want to book the Double/Triple Room, but I don’t have a roommate.
    Don’t worry! We will assign you a roommate(s) of the same gender, similar age and university:)
  • How can I share a room with my friend?
    When you choose to reserve the Double or Triple Room, the roommate issue has to be taken into consideration. We can’t assign someone who didn’t make a reservation through us, so please make sure all of you finish the reservation on your own. Monthly rent and maintenance fee (utility fee) will be charged separately. All prices are for one person only.
  • Why is the price of the KRW different from the USD?
    We are using a fixed exchange rate to convert KRW/USD, so the prices might be a little different from what you see online. The transfer commissions are also included in the final price. Please make sure you transfer the exact amount so that we can confirm your payment ;)
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