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2024 Spring Semester 🌸

Service for Long-term international students




SIM Card

Family in Airport_edited.jpg


Opportunity to prepare for life in Korea at once

Don't miss this chance!

We are not planning on doing summer/fall accommodation 2024 but after some of the updates being made, you will be able to start booking the rooms again through our website.

01 Accommodation 🏠

Living for International University Students

  • Studio with private Bathroom

  • Shared house with friends

House Close to the University

  • Sinchon, Hyehwa, Hongdae, Hoegi, etc

02 Mobile 📱

Promotional Discount Event

  • Enjoy Free mobile service for the first month

  • Get discount with coupon

Official Authentication

  • Enjoy various Korea Online services with fast self-verification

Pick-up Service

  • Airport / Near University

  • Delivery

03 Taxi 🚕

Welcome Pass

  • Airport pick-up & drop-off

Round Trip Pass

  • Explore Seoul with unlimited round trip ride

1 Month Pass

  • Daily ride for your school class

If you have any questions,
please inquire to our service channel


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