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  ❄️ Only for Winter School ❄️

Enjoy you stay with newcoming international students for winter school

* The real room could be slightly different with the image.

N-1 House

Twin Bedroom 1,030,000 KRW Monthly

* a premium level of shared room 

Stay for diverse personalities and international students

Recommendable for winter school students

* Choose to live with roommate or by yourself in a sharedhouse

* Winter school Roommate will be newly assigned in your room considering your preferency.

Check in : 23 Dec 2023

Room Type :

Twin Bedroom - 2 Single Bed or Bunker Bed

Facilities :

Desk and chair, hanger, inbox

Shared Facilities :
Living area, Bathroom, Kitchen, Fridge, Washing machine

Make reservation for short term period with your friends !

 📢 Reservation possible from 1 month duration

*Twin Bedroom Room monthly
   (per bed)


1,030,000 KRW

Shared House

✨ Special Deal ✨

Book a Whole Unit to enjoy stay with your friends !

🏷️Whole Unit for 2 ROOM

* Whole unit for 2 room

3,280,000 KRW

📌 Additional fee for a 3rd guest

* For 1 perosn more

540,000 KRW

 ※ monthly fee for additional guest

🔖Whole Unit for 3 ROOM

* Whole unit for 3 room

4,920,000 KRW

📌 Additional fee for a 4th guest

* For 1 person more

540,000 KRW

 ※ monthly fee for additional guest

Only AIRD can offer

Use AIRD, and get a free SIM card. You can choose the plan that fits on you. Also, you can use  mobility services, only in case of you are AIRD members. So don't miss the chance to enjoy convenient life.


Mobile plan

Mobility service

* Additional fee will apply. Please contact us via our service center.


AIRD will take care of your bills, so you don't have to worry about
additional fee - 
fridge, wifi, beds, induction are all-inclusive!


all-in-one service by AIRD


🚉 Subway

4 minutes walk from Sungshin Women's Univ. (Donam) station Exit 4

🚍 Bus

Get off at Sungshin Women's Univ. (Donam)

Don't miss the chance to get the room!

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