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FAQ - Self-Verification

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What is ARC connection service?

It is a service that helps you link your ARC (Alien Registration Card) with your phone number for added convenience. After the connection is completed, you will be able to verify yourself on websites with your phone number.


What can I do with self-verification?


There are various cases where self-verification is required on Korean websites. Below are a few examples:

  1. Account Creation and Verification: When creating an account on a website or app, self-verification may be necessary.

  2. Financial Transactions: Opening a bank account or conducting financial transactions may require self-verification.

  3. Online Shopping: Online platforms often request self-verification, especially for high-value orders or to enhance security.

  4. Medical Services: For the secure management of patient information, medical institutions may require self-verification.

  5. Government Services: Public agencies may require self-verification for tasks such as tax payments or document submissions.


Do I need to pay for ARC connection service?

No, ARC connection service is free of charge.


How long does it take for ARC connection to be completed?

It usually takes about 2~3 days after your application is submitted. However, if there is an error with your application, a notification email will be sent to you and it may take more than 2~3 days to process your application.


What documents/information are needed for ARC connection service?

A copy of your Official Authentication document or photos of both back and front of your ARC needs to be submitted. Your full name, email, birth date, phone number, passport number and your signature are needed for the application as well.


I don't have a physical ARC yet, can I connect my ARC number with my phone number?

We provide connection service through Official Authentication document for B&M and C&M plan users. If you would like to know more about Official Authentication service, please refer to the website below.

More about Official Authentication


I received an email about ARC connection error, what should I do?

The cause of error may have been explained on the email. Please contact us through our customer service channel to resolve the issue / for more details.

Customer Service Channel


What are possible error cases for ARC connection?

There are a few cases where ARC connection may be delayed or cannot be processed:

  1. Missing Documents: When necessary docmuents are missing, we cannot process your application. Please refer to the notification email and send us necessary documents to complete the process.

  2. Official Authentication Error: There are two different cases for Official Authentication error. (1) You may have mistakenly submitted a wrong document. In this case, we will directly ask for the issuance of the correct document. This process may take a few weeks to be completed. (2) In a minority of cases, your document may not match the record in the governmental system. In this case, unfortunately, we need to wait for the issuance of your physical ARC to complete the process.

  3. Underage: In Korea, those aged 19 and above are legally considered adults. ARC connection is available for legal adults only.


How do I know if ARC connection is completed?

ARC connection is usually completed within 2~3 days after the submission of your application. You would receive a text message from 114 saying '명의변경' has been completed once the connection is done. If you have not received the text message after 2~3 days, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Try out self-verification: In some cases, text messages are omitted even though ARC connection is completed. You may try out self-verification on a website and check if it works.

  2. Check your email inbox: We send a notification email when there is an error with your application. If you have received an email regarding ARC connection error, please contact us through our customer service channel to resolve the issue.

  3. Contact us: If self-verification does not work and you have not received any notification email, please contact us through our customer service channel regarding the issue.


How do I input my name?

Please input your name as it is written on your ARC/ARC application. It should be (1) all capitalized and (2) the order of your first name and your last name should match with your ARC/ARC application.


The account name does not match with my verified name / ARC name.

Please change your account name to match your verified name (ARC name) and then try self-verification. The name should be (1) all capitalized and (2) the order of your first name and your last name should match with your ARC/ARC application.


How do I select my mobile company / service provider?

You are required to select your mobile company / service provider on the '통신사' selection part​. Please refer to the information below.

  • B & M plan: please select [LG U+ 알뜰폰] or [알뜰폰] → [LG U+]

  • C & M plan: please select [SKT 알뜰폰] or [알뜰폰] → [SKT]


What is 내국인/외국인 choice?

It means local / foreigner. Please select '외국인' to complete the verification.


For more information about joining,  please contact us.

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