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Check out the issues you're having in our FAQ


Where can I pick up my SIM?

* Location: 6, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (03187)
* Operation hour: 9 am ~ 6 pm, Mon ~ Fri(weekdays)

Please select your pick up date when submitting the form.


What if my phone is not Apple, Huawei ? 

Please contact us first to check if your phone is available for this SIM card. In case of other phones SIM could not be activated.​


What are the necessary information that should be written?

Your full name in English, email, how you will receive your SIM card, your pick-up date or delivery address with your arrival date.


My SIM doen't work even though I submitted application form.

After you receive your SIM please enter through the QR code attached on the SIM card.

Please fill out and submit the form that you can enter through the QR code for SIM activation. First submit the form and then insert your SIM within 3 days 😊


Suddenly I can't call or send a text message.

If you run out of usage, phone calls or text messages may be cut off depending on your plan. You need to recharge your SIM card for additional phone calls or text messages. If you want to recharge, please contact us :)


I want to use SIM for next month.

You need to recharge your SIM card to use more than 30 days!​


For more information about joining M Plan please contact us.

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