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Guideline for Self-Verification

📌 Follow the steps below for your self verification
after connecting
RC or Official Authentication

1️⃣ Processing of Official Authentication
& RC Connection

  • Once your ARC number and SIM card are successfully linked, you will receive a notification text message from 114 saying “명의변경” has been completed.

  • The text message from 114 will also show your name as it is written on your ARC card/ARC application. Exactly matching name should be used for self-verification.

2️⃣ Self-identification on Websites

  • Please input your name as it is written on your ARC card/ARC application.

  • Should be ① all capitalized and the ② order of your first and last name should match with RC.

Untitled (1).png
  • For B & M plan, please select [LG U+ 알뜰폰] or [알뜰폰] → [LG U+] for 통신사 part

  • For C & M plan, please select [SKT 알뜰폰] or [알뜰폰] → [SKT] for 통신사 part

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    How to Make Payments on Websites

  • Please make sure that your account name matches with your name on ARC card/ARC application. It should be all capitalized and the order of your first name and last name should match.

  • If your account name does not match with your name on ARC card/ARC application, please change your account name.

  • Online payment platforms may require self-verification everytime a payment is made.


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