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🎁 Special Deal 🎁

Enjoy FREE for the first month

For the first two months: only pay for a month.

  • The payment should be made on the first month for extending.

  • After 2 months of usage, fee will be charged monthly.

1. Choose a Plan You Like

To apply for mobile please scroll down and follow the process

C & M Plan

2 Options Ready For Mobile

All Options Unlimited DATA !

[Opt 1. Speed up]

39,000 KRW / Monthly


✔️15GB/LTE + 3mbps
✔️100 mins Local Call
✔️100 SMS

[Opt 2. Speed up]

36,000 KRW / Monthly


✔️300MB/LTE + 3mbps
✔️Unlimited Local Call

2. Register for IMEI, IMEI2

⚠️ If IMEI1, IMEI2 is not registered before you apply, your sim automatically stops by the Korean government law

🌟 Mandatory Before you Apply

1. Please enter *#06# in your phone dial and check your IMEI/IMEI2.

2. Go to the IMEI/IMEI2 Registration webpage

3. Please ① Check “동의합니다” and ② Go to the next page

  • Please enter your ①IMEI and ②IMEI2 and click “등록” button


3. Now apply for the plan

Click apply now and choose a plan you like

Join Us by Sending Application Form by link!

Click to Join PLAN


⬅️ Choose the plan that you want

  • Contact us if SIM is not activated within 2 hours during operation hour

  • Recommended to submit form before 5pm during operation hour

Follow the steps for application

🔴 Register for IMEI / IMEI2 number
🟡 Prepare Your SIM card and Passport
🟢 Insert Your SIM and wait for activation

STEP 1. You need to fill in your information

  • Write down your full name in English.

  • Write down your correct Email address.

STEP 2. Upload Photos for your Information

  • Upload photo of passport and SIM card together on a white background

  • Upload your signature to join.

STEP 3. Finish process to activate SIM

  • Click Register and NOW you can insert your SIM.

STEP 4. NOW insert your SIM

  • SIM should be inserted after you submit the form, within 3 days.
    *If SIM is not inserted within 3 days, could be unavailable to use.

  • Contact us if the SIM is not activated with 2 hours
    during operation hour (Mon - Fri 09:00~18:00).

  • Pay for next month to use more. 

STEP 5. In case of SIM unactivation

  • Click Contact us and make inquries by following the image below



more info about Mobile plan


⏱️Operation Hour : 09:00 - 18:00 (Mon - Fri)

📞114 [free] 
[paid service]

⏱️Operation Hour : 09:00 - 18:00 (Mon - Fri)

Available to request english cs service

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