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📱 SIM Card for International Students 

Enjoy FREE for the first month

  • The payment should be made on the first month for extending.

  • After 2 months of usage, fee will be charged monthly.

B  & M plan

* First Month Promotion

38,300 KRW 


✔️10.3GB/LTE + 3mbps
nlimited Data
✔️Unlimited Local Call

✔️Unlimited SMS

JOIN for Mobile Service

Submit a form First before you Insert SIM

Follow the STEPS for Application

 Preparation: SIM and ARC or Passport 
 Submit Application Form and Insert SIM after receiving activation email

STEP 1 Scan QR Code




STEP 2 Click the button below

  • Click the blue button at the bottom.

STEP 3 Fill out your information

  • Your full name in English, birthday (YYYYMMDD), Email is necessary.

  • You can skip the other information (contact number, address)

STEP 4 Upload photo of your Passport & SIM Card

  • Click on the first box to upload a picture of your passport

  • Click on the second box to upload a picture of the back of your SIM card

    • ex.​





* Make Sure to Upload Clear Photo of Passport/ARC

  • Upload clear scan of ARC / PASSPORT
    ​A clear scan for ARC / Passport should be uploaded
    If you have ARC : must upload ARC instead of Passport

STEP 6 Click Register button under

  • Click Register and you will see a green box above

  • If you see a green box, it is well registered

STEP 8  Insert your SIM

  • Please insert your SIM into your phone now

  • Turn your phone off and on again 2-3 times

  • If your SIM is still not activated, please contact us during our operating hours (Mon - Fri 09:00-18:00).

STEP 7  Waiting for your SIM activation

  • Please wait for the SIM activation email or a message


more info about M & B Plan

contact info for M & Plan customers

⏱️Operation Hour : 09:00 - 18:00 (Mon - Fri)


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