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Check out the issues you're having in our FAQ


How can I use the coupon code?

After you choose the plan you are interested,
click buy know and fill out the check out form. 

You will see "Coupon Code" category on the bottom.
Code is "HIREVISA" .


I forgot to enter coupon code.

If you choosed to pick up your SIM near university, it is possible to get 1,000 KRW off if you show the voucher banner of A Plan page when you pick up your SIM.

* Airport Pick up is not possible to get discount if you have forgot to use coupon code on your check in page.


My SIM doen't work even though I submitted application form.

Your SIM application request was rejected by the mobile agency. Please contact us for the further explanation😊


Suddenly I can't call or send a text message.

If you run out of usage, phone calls or text messages may be cut off depending on your plan. You need to recharge your SIM card for additional phone calls or text messages. If you want to recharge, please contact us :)


I want to use Kakao Pay / I want to use Food delivery apps.

Please contact us for connecting RC 
You have to connect your SIM with RC to use below:


  • Online banking

  • Exam/Test enrollment

  • Membership registration

  • Online payment (e.g. Kakao Pay, Naver Pay, etc)

  • Online shopping (e.g. Coupang, Gmarket, etc)

  • Food delivery apps (e.g. Baemin, Coupangeats, etc)


I want to use SIM for next month.

For extension please contact us.​


How can I pay for my SIM.

Please use paypal for the payment.​


For more information about joining A Plan please contact us.

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